Embrace the art of the word game.
Solve challenging puzzles.
Paint famous works.

Free Download

Puzzle Paint is free to download and has a full gallery of 4 canvases and 56 puzzles for your immediate enjoyment.

Galleries Galore

Van Gogh, Surrealism, El Greco, Impressionism: Puzzle Paint has numerous galleries for purchase, each chock-full of beautiful artwork and challenging word games.

Colorful Puzzles

Immerse yourself in 8 stimulating puzzle types as you paint your canvases color by color. New galleries added often.

Challenge Friends

Build your own vibrant word games and challenge your friends. Connect with Facebook, Google+, or find new people with whom to play.

8 Puzzle Types

Word Chain

Word Tracer

Memory Madness

Advanced Word Chain

Ultimate Word Chain

Speaker Scrambler

Column Commonality

Code Breaker